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MIIT Informain – Maintenance Institute Information Technologies is a technological company committed to critical processes requiring specialized approaches. Develops and provides technological services oriented towards performance which allow minimizing costs, performance increase and knowledge transfer.

 MIIT Informain operates in the field of maintenance engineering and assets management having a strong background with the industry and the transport sector.

Through a strong technical expertise, experience and skills adapted to the provided services, MIIT Informain has a constant concern to have a competitive market stand through a continuous involvement in both modern and state-of-the-art research and development projects, allowing to provide services of:

  • Inspection and Quality Control

  • Planning and implementation of maintenance software

  • Maintenance Engineering and Operational Support

MIIT Informain is an active partner in providing support to projects’ development phases and to its continuous improvement related activities and actions. Our extensive background and broad experience allows us to provide leading services while guaranteeing our company’s core values:

  • Trust, continuity and stability

  • Confidentiality and accuracy

  • Information share, commitment and gain management

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